Failed to print the multi-row dataset in XReports

I have recorded more than one vital encounter in a visit. I want to print all the vitals encoutner in a tabluar format in a report. Therefore, I created an SQL Data Set which returns more than one row. Then i have set it as source for XReport but i get an error says “Subquery returns more than 1 row”

java.sql.SQLException: Subquery returns more than 1 row
    at com.mysql.jdbc.SQLError.createSQLException(
    at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.checkErrorPacket(

The problem is with your sql query. Your subquery which is used in a place that expects one row ended up returning more than one. Here is an example: “select * from patient where patient_id = (select subquery that should not return more than one)”

Thanks, It was my query problem and I fixed it.

When i run the query from SQL Dataset Definition, it returns two rows. but when i run the XReport, it shows only one row.

Can you reproduce it at

I can not login to with following username & password, Username: Admin Password: Admin123

how to wrap the text in XReports. I have a value in XReports which is very long but how can I auto wrap when it is longer than page boundaries?

Can i look at a screenshot of the word that wraps?

I tested again and I observed that if we have a sentence then it wraps properly like this,

but if i have a single long word then it can not wrap the word if it goes beyond the border like this

Here is the result of my sql dataset is two records (more than one)

and in XReport I see only one record

same filter and conditions are applied to both reports.

Can you reproduce these here such that i see them live in action?

@hpardess i just tried that link but it gives the default html preview of the reporting module.

In XReports v9, the default was Web preview but in XReports v10 it is changed . instead it is printed in html preview which is part of legacy UI.

Is the multiple rows printing fixed for Web preview/pdf?

You need to add the different renderers if you want to see them listed.

I want to display the multi row data in report templates that I shared with you in my previous posts.

OK. Set it up at and i will show you how to.

I can not design the report on server. I get following error,

@hpardess that was a bug in the legacyui module which i have fixed with Can you try again?

following issue is not yet fixed. Therefore, I can not set the how the report should be rendered because by default the report is rendered in legacy UI.

Did you set any renderers? In particular the XReports (PDF) renderer?