Failed to deserialize error when running unit test

Hi all

I have added a field to RadiologyReport and modified hibernate mapping and liquibase accordingly. Now i get a failed to deserialize error when I run the RadiologyReportServiceComponentTest. Any help on this will be much appreciated. Here is my commit,

In the bhm file, the mapping for the obs field should be a many-to-one

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Thanks. I noticed that when I was doing some try by error stuffs. I rewrote the mapping and liquibase and this time used many-to-one and it work but for the fact that I was getting a referential integrity error when running unit tests. I noticed that was because in my dataset file I was adding an obs which did not exist. Once I fixed that and all test where passing, I changed back from many-to-one to just property and I did not have the could not deserialize error again. So I really don’t know what I did a long the line to fix the could not deserialize error.