Failed to build a watched project

Hello all. I am trying to set up a development environment. My server launched perfectly well before I ran this command: mvn openmrs-sdk:watch -DserverId=[serverId]. After that command the build is successful but when I try to run the server it fails. Please see error logs and advise accordingly: Error stacktraces are turned on.[INFO] Scanning for projects...[INFO] ----- -

Oh sorry! Kindly run mvn openmrs-sdk:watch inside the project you to want to watch then ensure you select the name of the openmrs instance you want to watch the project from. Then run mvn openmrs-sdk:run on your terminal to start the server(ensure you select the server you selected to watch the project from)

Note: Am sorry for over using select

I have done it that way but the error persists.

We can sync on this link if its okay with you.

have you made any ui changes before running this command?

Hi Juliet. That’s very okay. Please comfirm the time when you are available. Please note that I am installing UgandaEMR and I was following the guide in this link: Setting up a Development Enviornment - UgandaEMR Technical Guide

No, I haven’t

Are you available now?

I think this command she should use it when in the module directory. Like Herbert said it mostly useful if you want to hot reload the pages

Yes I am available

We can meet here

@ananungi UgandaEMR has moved its core implementation to new repo at GitHub - METS-Programme/openmrs-module-ugandaemr: This is UgandaEMR Core. The foundation of UgandaEMR an electronic medical records system.. Please try to build new server using mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:4.1.1:setup -Ddistro=org.openmrs.module:ugandaemr Then try to watch as recommended by @jwnasambu above

@dbaluku, thanks for sharing. I have been able to build UgandaEMR successfully