Facing problem with configuring Person Attribute Internationalization

Hello Team,

I have tried with Person attribute translation with following Bahmni wiki but not able to achieve the translation on Bahmni Registration page.

The translation is working well with Address Hierarchy levels.

eg. I have updated “Class” person attribute name as “REGISTRATION_LOCALE_KEY_CLASS” in openmrs GUI.


Added translation key in locale_en.json image

On Bahmni Registration page the “Class” shows the translation key: image

Any suggestion that I should follow.

Hello @amolsatvix, Could you resolve this issue? If yes, can you help us out with how you did it?

This and it has been fixed for 0.93 as per this line of code

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Also, probably if you are testing on 0.93-EA and find thats the case, then please report so.

@buvaneswariarun ^

@amolsatvix - were you able to test this? In case you find any discrepancies, let us know…we can fix it asap and we have not released Beta yet

@angshuonline Unable to translate givenNameLocal, familyNameLocal, and middleNameLocal while other person attributes can be successfully translated.

That’s because this line of code in Patient Common View is using getTranslatedPatientControls which uses module name REGISTRATION as key prefix.

Following are the options

Option 1- - No Code change

For the current code to pickup the right translation just specify the key with prefix REGISTRATION in apps locale

"REGISTRATION_GIVENNAMELOCAL": "Names in local language"

Options 2

Since it is a person attribute, and if you think it should be consistent with other person attributes then modify the Patient Common View accordingly and raise PR.

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Solved using the option 1.

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