Facing problem with configuring bahmni observation form “autocomplete” feature.

Hello Guys! , I am trying to achieve autocomplete feature in bahmni observation forms, but in auto complete list I am getting fully specified concept name though I have added short name for the concept. I have created following concept Fully Specified Name: LabTest_Haemoglobin, LabTest_Sugar. Short Name: Haemoglobin, Sugar. I have done configuration in Clinical/app.json “Lab_Test”: { “autocomplete”: true },

In the above Screen shot Answer for Lab Test are shown “LabTest_Haemoglobin”, “LabTest_Sugar” These are the Fully Specified concept name. Actually I have added the short Name for these concept but in auto compete list I am getting list of fully specified concept name. I have also gone through Bahmni “Chief Complaint Concept of History and Examination form” , here also fully specified name are shown in auto complete list. Is there anything I am missing to configure, please let me know.