facing Issue while creating patient from android client.

Hello There. I using openmrs since a long time but now I faced the issue in create patient with non admin accounts. Actually I am using location base access control in my instance. So through android client with non admin user location is not getting set to patient.

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Hi @atiq did you build the app from the source?

Yes Actually through postman as well when I am trying to create patient with non admin accounts Its not creating successfully.


@saurabh getting this in postman { "error": { "message": "[null passed to Session.evict()]", - Pastebin.com.

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Yes I think it might be an Issue with the permission that user has, since admin works for me, thats why even postman fails. cc @gcliff can you help us with the APIs ?

Yah actually I was thinking of the same but. When I tried creating patient on reff app it works with the same non admin account.

Are you sure it was the same request as you made through the postman ? Since it should have similar response as from postman.

Yes actually I simply register a patient through non admin account and its worked for me. But while trying with other client etc postman android its not saving the patient .

@saurabh @gcliff if we can have a meet I can explain you the actual problem that I am facing?

Sure just ping me the meeting link I will join.

Ok. Shall we join now if you are free?

Join when available

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Hi @atiq I have joined.

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