Extension to the Reference App to handle patient routing and queue management

I am designing the workflows in a new Charity Maternity/Gynae hospital and would like our main reception point to register or verify personal details of each patient and then assign them to a hospital location eg Antenatal Clinc, Maternity Ward, FP clinic.

At the receiving location a arrival time ordered list of patients would be available and decremented as a specific encounter begins.

It seems this facility is not available and I do not have the time to code myself or the local resources that could do it efficiently. I would also wish the solution to be generalized and accepted into the mainstream code. If absolutely necessary I would try and raise the funds to pay whoever could achieve this.

Would anyone be willing and able to do this in the near future. If necessary contact me privately.

@mafrica do you think you can create a project wiki page with requirements fully laid out for any developer who may find interest in this? You could take a look at this to get started: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/Home


Having read the unassigned project titles and looked in a little detail at a couple. It seems I have some common ground around the area of workflow with the unassigned projects of Graphic Patient Workflow Tool and OT workflow enhancements.

Essentially my need is to define a workflow for a given encounter type, assign or transfer a patient to a workflow and then to view the workflow either from the patient aspect - where is she in the workflow = what has been done and when, and what remains to be done - or from the viewpoint of a node in the workflow = which patients are queued at this point, which in process, which completed and perhaps some performance reporting of throughput, delay time, service time etc

If node and node relationship were abstracted and configurable by implementation and perhaps the intersection between patient and node = status eg waiting, active, completed then I think a number of requirements including mine could be met.

I am sure there are better descriptions of workflow management in other (not necessarily) health related applications and more could be learned from them.

Again my naivety is getting in the way - can you advise how I can most effectively bring these ideas together with the apparently dormant related projects.

I would be more that happy to get involved at the level of specification and testing.

@mafrica yes those projects have some common features with yours. Though they seem to have a wider scope. Therefore creating a separate project with your use case will increase chances of getting picked up by a developer. Start by laying out the specifications to the best of your knowledge and include as many mockups as will give a clearer picture to the developer.