Export version of OCL collection does not include all concepts and mappings

From the Screenshot you can see that the export versions suddenly stopped containing all the concepts and mappings. I am not sure if this is a bug or something that i did.

Is there anyone who has come across this or knows the issue?

I reported this exact issue to @paynejd last week… I haven’t heard if there is a solution.

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Ok thanks. Hopefully there is a solution.

Thanks for reporting this. There was an issue with collections that were created in OCL before we introduced dynamic references. The migration of old collections to the new collection data model is now done and all of the old data models have been retired-- this should have resolved most issues. The issue was in how the references were resolved, so your references are all in good shape. To test if it’s working, just create a new collection version or expansion. Feel free to delete the collection versions that did not work-- once an expansion has been created, it cannot be modified.

There is one remaining issue that we’re seeing in how some of the older references are being evaluated, so you might still see a few discrepancies in the concept/mapping counts that you’re expecting. We should get this resolved quickly and will let you know

@opensolutions I have some follow-up to this issue that may help you in the short term. The OCL team is working this out to make it more intuitive and clear, but you should be able to properly update your AIC collection in OCL using these steps:

  1. You can look at what repository versions were resolved as part of this collection by clicking on the “View Expansion Parameters” button (circled in red in the screenshot below)

  2. This shows that you are getting concepts from versions 002 and 003 of your OS4H Master Dictionary source. Looking at that source, we can see that there are a LOT more concepts in the HEAD version than in versions 2 and 3. (See red circle below)

  3. This tells us that you probably should create a new version in that source. You can do that using the “+” button at the right side of the screen.

  4. Once you have created a version of the source, then you can refresh your AIC collection so that it starts pulling concepts and mappings from that new source version. To do that, I would recommend creating a new expansion (see image for how to do that). Once you do that, you can set it as the default expansion by clicking the checkmark button next to that new expansion. This new expansion SHOULD have the correct number of concepts and mappings in it at this point.

Can you try this out and let us know that it’s working?

Note that we are also going to account for this issue in our upcoming Collection Management UX initiative. If you want to contribute to that discussion, please join us on July 11th at 10am EDT for the OpenMRS Squad Call. Details can be found on the calendar here.

cc: @paynejd

Thanks, It worked successfully. Thanks for your help.

Will also join the upcoming Collection Management UX Initiative discussion.

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