Expert OpenMRS developer for hire

Hi all,

my name is Carlos. I am a Pediatric Surgeon from Ecuador currently working in the US and Austria. I work mainly operating children with pediatric colorectal problems. I was looking for a way to track and follow patients with anorectal malformations operated in medical brigades around the world. I wanted to offer a way that local doctors could document the necessary follow up information. Looking for the ideal system I found OpenMRS. I love opensource and as such loved this MRS. Unfortunately I am not a programer so I had a Linux engineer install it on an AWS server with encryption and all the features needed to be HIPAA compliant. Now I need help customizing it for our needs and for this I thought the best place to start is this. If you want to know more on our work please look at or the video at the end.

I want to hire somebody knowledagble in Java programing and OpenMRS to help me with this. I would use UpWork to pay for services. I welcome any names and suggestions to help me achieve this. Please take into account that this is a non-profit with limited resource but a great will to help.

Thanks all and congrats for this fantastic work!


Hi Carlos,

I think this might be something in which we can help you with. SolDevelo has many qualified Java Developers who are able to customize the system to your needs. Do you have any initial requirements already prepared?

I’m closing this topic, as is our standard for job posts; please follow up via private messages.