Experiences integrating CommCare with OpenMRS

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(Brandon Istenes) #1

At PIH Mexico we’re using CommCare for mobile form entry. We have a WIP OpenMRS implementation. I’d like to integrate CommCare with OpenMRS.

The main features we’d ultimately like to have are:

  • visits from CommCare show up in OpenMRS
  • patient-CHW assignments in OpenMRS show up in CommCare
  • last n observations for certain concepts in OpenMRS show up in CommCare

I’m interested in knowing what people have achieved thus far, and how the experience of development and maintenance is. I hear Possible (@laxman?) has an OpenMRS/CommCare integration, about which I guess I’d also like to know how Bahmni-specific their integration is.

(Andrew Kanter) #2

I think the Possible Health integration might be the most recent. At one point there was also an OpenMRS/MoTeCH/CommCare integration, which was based on vanilla OpenMRS.

(Brandon Istenes) #3

Can anyone do me a favor and tag some people who might know about this?

Would be pretty cool if OpenMRS Talk supported tagging orgs…

(Daniel Kayiwa) #4

Does it help to search on Talk using this text? CommCare

(Brandon Istenes) #5

For posterity:

I had a call with a Bahmni implementer who said that Dimagi is working on a CommCare integration. It is not ready yet. I got the impression that it won’t be Bahmni-specific. It will support two-way data syncing between CommCare and OpenMRS.