Expectation: Workflow like choosing program in program dashboard and allowing to add different patients to the program

I have seen the the flow of of bahmni program where we can choose a patient to add programs . Can we just configure to do that reversely where we should be able to choose a program and can add different patients to the program. I think that would be quite useful in some cases like rural clinical program.

I understand the existing workflow would be better for Hospital patient management. But if they are conducting different clinic programs (outside hospital maybe ) where they are concerned only for a program, they were demanding the workflow of adding patient to the program. So, I am talking for that.

I have shortly explained a case here . http://pastebin.com/Pr6mCJU1

@niraj, reading this, it sounds like you’re asking for a “bulk enroll patients in program” tool.

Is that right? Or are you thinking of doing more than just enroll patients?

@darius,yeah its all about “bulk enroll patients in program”.any idea for this will be precious.

There is an option to import programs using a csv file. Would this be useful ?

@sravanthi17,what if the program is outside the hospital (suppose on the rular area). and the patient participating on the program are totally new.i guess the csv import feature will be not that useful for the case…though your opinion will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

If you’re talking about something outside the hospital, how are you envisioning that people will use the system? (I.e. are you thinking of an offline mobile app? Or that there is good wireless connectivity out in the rural areas?)

@darius, i am assuming the hospital staffs are involved on the programme outside the hospital and they are using the system through the wireless connection. on other case the hospital could conduct those programme inside the hospital where many number of patients will be there for the same type of program at a time though it is small programme (suppose vaccination programme for hepatitis B or something). Is bahmni a good practice for this case senario…?

It depends on the quality of your wireless connection; you should test this out in practice with a Bahmni demo server.

So, it sounds like what you’re asking for is an app that lets you do work specific to a single program, e.g.

  • search for existing patients enrolled in the program
  • quickly add existing patients to this program
  • register new patients (and automatically add them to the program)
  • view a program-specific patient dashboard
  • fill out patient forms that are relevant to this program

I don’t think this is on our current roadmap, though it does make some sense as a feature. And some of the work that has been done in the endTB implementation of Bahmni might support some of these features.

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