Expanded Cohort Features

Hi @burke,

I have being in the community for a while now and have fixed some issues as well with FHIR module. I clearly understand the objectives and willing to apply this project in this summer. One thing I am not clear or I don’t get is why do we need to remove the unique constraint on cohort_member.patient_id? Can there be two members with same patient_id? I may hav not clearly got that. :slight_smile: Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks, @tharaka

Burke is on holiday so I’ll answer for him:

I believe the idea is to support dynamic membership in a cohort, with an optional start and end date for that membership. Further, an individual could belong to a cohort for two different periods of time. Thus we would need to remove that unique constraint.

Thanks for the prompt reply @darius. Got it now. Thank you very much.

Hi @darius and @burke
I have submitted a draft for this project and would like to hear some quick feedback. Sorry for the rush. Had to be busy with the Uni life.

Glad you’ve done a proposal. Sorry that I won’t have time to review (and I know Burke is on holiday right now), so you should probably not expect any quick feedback from us before the submission deadline.

It is ok @darius. I understand. Lets see how it goes. :slight_smile:

For all who are interested in. Don’t bother much about not getting a proper feedback to your ‘proposal’, since @darius has answered most of ur technical questions.

Just follow the general guidelines and tips we have given to you about creating a solid proposal, and stay with us the community. Good luck.

Hi @burke, @darius, @ayeung

Having researched extensively on Cohort Module Enhancements and owing to Burke’s comment on the same here, I decided to write a proposal and submit it for Expanded Cohort Features as well.

It gave me a good opportunity to understand the current Cohort Architecture in depth which would aid me for Cohort Module enhancements as well. It also seemed pretty great since I’ve fixed issue for AMPATH in the past.

@burke Really looking forward to discussing our joint efforts on Cohort Expansions and Cohort Module Enhancements over a design call soon :slight_smile:

Also, thanks a ton for all the help and encouragement until now @ayeung .You’re the best :smiley: