Existing views in OpenMRS database in Bahmni


in the OpenMRS database for our Bahmni set up there are several existing views in the mysql database (e.g. coded_obs_view; concept_reference_term_map_view; concept_view; confirmed_diagnosis_view).

Are these views used for reporting only or are they used by Bahmni in, for example, the clinical app to retrieve and display data from the OpenMRS database? Would you advise against modifying these views because they are core to Bahmni functionality?

To give some context, I’m in the process of writing some sql queries for patient queues and was thinking of adding some views. Some of what I need could be done by modifying (adding more joins) to some of the existing views. However I’d prefer not to modify them if Bahmni relies on them and would instead create new views for what I need.