Executing UI test against demo


I tried to execute s UI test case against the demo version. I know that I have to run the tests against int02, but I had a problem with my internet execution and I wanted to give a quick try to a test against demo to see if the test had a problem or my connection was over. When I try to run it, it fails because the Rest Client receive a 404 error. As far as I understood, before running a test, it is checked if the server is available with a get on its rest interface. Since I got a 404 error, I supposed that the rest interface on demo is not available (at least for the UI tests). Am I wrong? Thank you in advance, Domenico

Hi Domenico,

I was asked yesterday to rename int02/int-refapp to qa-refapp.

Not sure if you should use qa-refapp, I’ll leave that to others to answer