Examples of "Clinic Dashboards" in OpenMRS EMRs

Hi @grace , Certainly, we moved away from developing dashboard functionalities within OpenMRS to using an actual BI tool. In our case, we are using Apache Superset that ingest data from our OpenMRS instance.

test data shown below

In our OpenMRS 2 instance, we have the following dashboard:

But that was quite difficult to make any changes so we’re limited to what we can do.

In O3, we have the following dashboard and we are developing it for all of our programs (Mental Health, Health Care in Detention, Hospital services and physical rehabilitation program). Data is streamed from O3 to superset every 2 mins:

Users can also access the patient file in O3 directly from superset:


  • Uses data filter from OpenMRS
  • Contents are automatically translated based on the user’s language setting in Superset
  • Multiple dashboards accessible based on the user’s role

cc: @frederic.deniger @delphinep