Event module 2.6.0 is breaking

I have recently been testing the latest version of the Event module, which errors out with: unable to get jar file module. Copy of error can be found here.

The previous version (2.5) works, so likely an issue with the packaged .omod file?

Anyone else seen this behaviour?

Most likely you have a corrupted download. For i have just downloaded and run it successfully. Can you try to download it again?

Ah, that was it. Thanks

For future reference, is this the best place to be logging issues like this? I first thought of logging it as a Github issue, but that option was unavailable. Is there any best/expected practice in this regard?

Discussing it here is a good place to start. Then after confirming it to be a bug, you create a ticket. You can read more about tickets here https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Tickets

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