ETL/ELT Stand Up: Round 2 Sign Up

Due to popular demand, we’re scheduling Round 2 of ETL/ELT stand up.

To make sure we have time for discussion, we’d like to set aside 40 minutes for presentations. Depending on the number of speakers, each speaker will have 5-10 minutes to share experiences and ideas. Here is the current list:

If you’d like to share your idea/challenge/experience, please respond to this post or PM me and I’ll add you to the list.

When? Next Wednesday at the same time (1pm UTC) is definitely an option. Please take the Doodle poll so that we can make sure it works for everyone who is interested - and help us identify a back up day/time if needed.

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Hi @jennifer

I would like to jump in to the call not to share experience. I think its way ahead. But would like to involve a little since my gsoc project is related to data analytics

cc :- @ibacher

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I’m happy to take 5 minutes to show what we’ve done in the past for context. This will likely mostly be around our work with Pentaho and direct SQL.

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