Errors while merging patients.

Hello Community.

I was trying to checkout merging patients using and got some errors. To reproduce the errors,

  1. login
  2. click on data management
  3. click on merge patients
  4. enter patient IDs and click continue(open console before clicking continue)
  5. And finally merge merge patients

the first error is GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

It is caused by line 53

<script type="text/javascript" src="/openmrs/ms/uiframework/resource/uicommons/scripts/i18n/angular-locale_en_gb.js?cache=1618725867682"></script>

question: how can we solve this.

the second error is angular.min.js?cache=1618725867682:118 TypeError: e.parents(...).andSelf is not - and it seams, as far as i know, it is caused by using a jquery version that doesn’t support the andSelf() function.


  • which is the most likely reason for this error.
  • What version of jquery are we using in OpenMRS
  • how can we solve this error

cc @ibacher @isears @dkayiwa @mozzy @sharif and anyone willing to help; thanks.

PS i haven’t found any ticket indicating this error if anyone has seen it, please reply with its link.

Which patient ids are you using, you could be probably using invalid patient identifiers , could you try out using this 1003FW and 1007A1 ids

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Just to limit this down a bit, the errors you’re seeing have absolutely nothing to do with merging patients and are simply brought about by going to the patient chart and viewing an existing visit.

On andSelf(), it would be more likely that we have too modern a jQuery version since it was deprecated, but we’re using jQuery 1.12, which should have it. The error seems to be caused (somehow) by this line. I’m not sure if that error actually affects any real functionality, in which case, I largely wouldn’t worry about it.


Hello @sharif I am sorry for taking long to reply on this. I haven’t been getting notifications on email lately as it was sometime back.

I was searching the patient in the search bar at the bottom using patient name and patient ids were filled automatically in the patient ID sections. So I wasn’t able to see the exact patient ID type.

Thanks @ibacher. I also think this error does not affect the functionality. Does this mean i should ignore this or we try updating the Jquery version to the latest.

I definitely err on the side of ignoring this. Updating the jQuery version is likely to break a lot of things.


Yes I understand this. It is really a huge process.