Errors when importing org.openms.X in project

I just want to parsing and storing measurement from personal healthcare device with ORU^R01. OpenMRS can process HL7 message with HAPI. That’s why I choose the OpenMRS. But it just shows error messages to me:

Now, I’m trying to write my own module I follow your several document like etc. or examples.

  1. Eclipse shows an error message when I write code like “import org.” (actually I tried to write Error message: “This compilation unit is not on the build path of a java project.” How can I solve this error?
  2. "mvn package" doesn’t work, with an error occurring in test phase. The .omod file created when I give a option -Dmaven.test.skip=true but it cannot started in openmrs/admin/manage module. It shows an error message: “Unable to load/find moduleActivator: ‘com.cucn.module.ihepcd.IHEPCDActivator’ Module: IHE PCD Module”

What should I do?