Errors on registration form (at least on demo server), and a complaint about age fields

On I run into various problems:

  1. if I make the last name “test age” this is not allowed, and I get the error message “Please match the requested format. Should contain characters”.
  • this should be allowed (because many languages allow two last names) which presume is just a demo configuration issue;
  • the error message is actually wrong because I did enter characters.
  • When I try to save the patient (with either the Save or Start OPD Visit button) it fails with the visible error message “Server Error : Cannot open connection” and this 500 response from POSTing to the patientprofile resource:

Also (this is not an error but a low-priority complaint): you are limited to entering age (months) in the range of 0 to 12. I don’t see why we limit this. If someone wants to say that a child is “18 months old” why should we force the user to say “1 year, 6 months”?

If we are limiting things, it should technically be limited to the range of 0-11 for months and 0-30 for days (because if you’re 12 months old, you’re technically 1 year old).

Created two stories in mingle for this: