Errors Creating patient flag

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.6.1 Build 0b8ae6

Question: I have created a simple patient flag, if i do a preview, its working as expected, however the trouble starts when i try to access the patient summery of trying to view/ add another patient. I have attached images that show my simple patient flag and the exception that i am getting, i a using the latest patient flag omod (3.0.5)

Can you share the server side log via

Here is the link to the log:

I mean the full server side tomcat log.

I am not sure if am understanding the file that you needs. now i have attached another one which is a catalina.*.log file. The first one was a catalina.out

Did you share everything that was in catalina.out? Or did you just pick out a section?

I just picked out a section where the error is coming out. The whole file is so big to upload on Here is another section same error

I have just released version 3.0.6 of this module which has the fix for this problem. It should be available on the module repository in the next 30 minutes or 1 hour. OpenMRS Add Ons

Thank you so much sir, will be anticipating it

Thank you so much, problem solved now. no more any errors!

So the question that arise now is, I am not seeing any notifications. This one supposed to check if temp is high ie greater than 38, i gave my patient a higher temp and i do not see any Flag or notification on the dashboards. Am i supposed to do something so that the notifications are somewhere easily visible?

Can you share the query that you wrote for this?

select p.patient_id from obs o inner join patient p on o.person_id = p.patient_id where concept_id = 5088 and o.voided = 0 and o.value_numeric >= 38

How many results does this sql statement return when you run it against the database?

It returns only ONE (correctly), there are 2 patients in my testing instance

What happens after clicking the evaluate all patient flags on the admin screen?

This what am getting

Are you now able to see flags on the patient dashboard?

Here is my dashboard, see the 2 temperatures which are above 38, still cant get a pop up

How about on the legacyui patient dashboard? Your equivalent of this:

let me try on this, will get back to you. I will go for exactly v1.14.0