Error while setting up mono repo for O3 locally

Hey there! So I just tried setting up esm-patient-management locally but it turned out to be errors. when I do

yarn install

some of the following dependencies failed or not sure with some warning.

yarn start

This command gives an error something like No "webpack.config.js" found in directory "/Users/vijaykv/Desktop/patient-management/openmrs-esm-patient-management". Trying to use default config ... cli.js develop

May anyone can help me to fix it please

So sorry! Dependency issues can occur for various reasons, such as version conflicts, network problems, or missing system dependencies. You can find the version information in the project’s documentation or package.json file.

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Nothing there is concerning. It’s to do with peer dependencies that are provided by the shell at run time.

Syntax is:

yarn start --sources packages/openmrs-esm-<app I would like to work on>

Please read the README where there is already documented.

Thanks for your response! Yes it worked :+1:

Now I figured out a small UI Enhancement Issue which I think is a good way to start to involve in this project. The minor issue is when users navigate to appointments calender in following path


and when they click on monthly, the calender is displayed as below.

Right now each date is placed on the right-most top in each column. what if we can make all the dates as centred to respective weekdays like a more standard way. Is this issue good/valid to start with? May I create an issue in JIRA & directly start work on it? what do you think @jwnasambu @ibacher ?

Wow! This is a good catch. @chibongho1 raised an issue regarding the datepicker format during the coffee break call and promised to create a ticket for it. This makes me believe he is the right person to address this.

cc @minimalist, @dkibet , @ibacher

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Cool :+1: @jwnasambu

@chibongho1 If you created a ticket please ping me over. I would love to work on it.

I know it’s small, but I recommend not touching the UI without input from UX designers, (even though I can’t find any mockups here related to the calendar RefApp — Outpatients - Zeplin )

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Ok Cool :+1:

We have a few things that didn’t really get UX review; this is one of them. Nevertheless, the dates are rendered in the corner so that information can be shown on the calendar, like how many appointments a specific service has. It just appears empty because, well the frontend piece requires a backend that is not part of the RefApp (this application needs to be refactored quite a bit).

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