Error while importing openElis Bahmni provided concepts to local-setup.

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I’m using reference application 2.1.2.Bahmni team provided the csv which contains concepts related to Laboratory information system.I want to import all those conceps to my local environment.I try with data exchange module and metaData.I’m getting the error.

HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error

I want to ask is it possible to import csv concepts to local environments.

Hi @naveed1228,

Did you see the Initializer module? In particular this?

Sorry will you please explain how I can use this for my problem?

Didn’t you say that you needed to load concepts into OpenMRS using a CSV format?

Yes,I said this I want to ask do I changed the header as provided in your example,or should I installed the module and it will do it by itself?

Panels_concept_sets.csv (3.6 KB)

I have concept in this format?Please provide begginer level detail don’t have much experience with dealing with concepts.

I don’t know what your bottom line is so I can’t tell whether you need/want the Initializer at this juncture.

Coming back to your CSV:

  • Where did you get this CSV?
  • What errors did you observe? Error 500 means there should be something more verbose in the OpenMRS log file, did you look at it?

The files are provided by bahmni team.You can look at them.

Pastebin for the log

If you’re saying that the sample file doesn’t load up, are you in then in a position to do the troubleshooting work of gathering the log info?

Yes,I’m looking a way to upload this csv file.

Not the CSV file, the OpenMRS log file at /opt/openmrs/openmrs.log. Can you look at what’s being recorded in there at the moment when the import fails? And share that on hastebin.