Error while calling a function in core

I have defined a function in core (PR) which Iā€™m trying to call in emrapi (PR), but it gives me this error while building emrapi. For some reason it is not able to find the function that needs to be called though it is defined.

Any help on this is appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

@haripriya999 , Obviously this method doesnt exist any where in the core, it still lives in your PR , theres no way you can call it from here . Until your Pr is merged and at the same time you depend on the latest changes in the master , or probably its back ported to the core version that core apps depends on

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make sure that the version of openmrs core you are running in emrapi is the same as the one were you have made your changes.

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Thank you @samuel34 and @herbert24 for your response :slight_smile: . Seems like getting the PR merged could solve the issue.

@haripriya not just merging the Pr ony.

Your PR will be basically merged into the core master(latest-snapshot version), yet emr-api module depends on <openMRSVersion>1.11.6</openMRSVersion> . So that commit will have to be backpoted back to version 1.11.6 or The openmrs version emr-api depends on to be changed to the latest snaphot version()

@mozzy Does this mean that I will have to change OpenMRS version to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT in emrapi after the PR gets merged to fix the issue? :slight_smile:

Thats one of the options , but that may have more other implications.

whats easier is backporting that commit back to <openMRSVersion>1.11.6</openMRSVersion>

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