error while building openmrs coreapp module

Hello everyone, I’m facing the problem while building the openmrs coreapps module. Here is error log:

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what changes did you make before building?

I changed the version of node from 6.10.0 to 6.17.0 ( in omod/pom.xml) as it giving me error for 6.10.0

What error did it give for 6.10.0?

Remove the space in the folder name “New folder” and compile again.

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Thanks @dkayiwa, it works

ya here in this directory C:\Users\user\Desktop\CoreOpenMRS\GSoC\coreapps\New folder\openmrs-module-coreapps\omod\src\main\compass\sass-external with includes ""
you ddint have to have a white space in the \New Folder\

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