Error when uploading attachment

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f01b8efc660>

Module: openmrs-module-attachments

Module Version: 2.0.0

System Version: Openmrs platform 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT

Issue or Question: Hi All,

I"m getting this error when attempting to upload an attachment:

I’m using webservices version 2.23.0-SNAPSHOT.

Any ideas of why it could be?

Thanks, Laura

Looks like that was fixed a couple of days ago in this pull request:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. What actually happened was that when I tried 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT it took so long to upload that I thought it wasn’t working. And I thought it could be related to Attachments module bug/release.

That’s why I tried 2.0.0. Now I tried again with 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT and waited enough time, and it works :slight_smile:

Thanks, Laura