Error when someone try to edit an patient HTML form

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Reference Application 2.10

Hi, its me again.

Last Sunday i updated my OpenMRS Reference application and modules, with some consecuences, another error that i bring to you today is this:

When i (Admin with full privileges), or some coworker (user with high privileges), try to edit some old form with patient info, and save changes, this error comes out: Captura

And the changes are not saving, but more important, the old text deletes too! I find that info on the OBS table on my SQL, and that info was voided with the voided_reason: htmlformentry (!??!?)

So, i find the log and find the exact time that i try to edit some past visit form, and i found this:

ERROR - FragmentActionController.handlePath(162) |2020-04-18 11:15:16,648| error
org.openmrs.ui.framework.UiFrameworkException: Error invoking fragment action public org.openmrs.ui.framework.SimpleObject org.openmrs.module.htmlformentryui.fragment.controller.htmlform.EnterHtmlFormFragmentController.submit(org.openmrs.module.appui.UiSessionContext,org.openmrs.Patient,org.openmrs.module.htmlformentry.HtmlForm,org.openmrs.Encounter,org.openmrs.Visit,java.lang.Boolean,java.lang.String,org.openmrs.module.emrapi.adt.AdtService,org.openmrs.module.appframework.feature.FeatureToggleProperties,org.openmrs.ui.framework.UiUtils,javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest) throws java.lang.Exception

So I ask again for your help, in your infinite wisdom, to know what is happening, because the truth is that I do not understand this error.

Thank you!

Full log from my last tomcat start.

Which version of the OpenMRS platform are you running? Can you also share via, your equivalent of this under Module Information?

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Yep, thanks. There is

Do you get the same problem if you also upgrade your openmrs platform version to 2.3.0 as used by the reference application 2.10

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Well, let me try upgrading the platform version

Super users are NOT always providers, You might need to be a provider(provider checkbox checked and provider Identifier added) to be able to add/edit encounters

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thanks to all for your help, as always. For some reason (probably for one of many changes that i made) the encounter have a location on the SQL table, but the obs SQL table with the data of that form not have the location and, for that reason, my coworkers can’t edit the HTML form :man_facepalming:

problem solved, thanks for your patience!