Error Uploading Open Web Apps (OWA) Module

I am trying to upload owa module to OpenMRS standalone version 1.9.7 build 60bd9b. Unfortunately the module won’t start with the error as shown in this stack trace. I am using the version 1.2 downloaded from OpenMRS module repository.

How do I fix this?

Which version of Java are you using?

My standalone runs on java 6

Try Java 7

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Thanks Daniel java 7 works. But could you help me understand what is going on here?

Looks like it was compiled by newer version of Java than what you had, as per the class format error message.



Once we start building the OWA module in CI we should switch it to build with Java 6.

-Darius (by phone)

It is because of Java version mismatch. Unsupported major.minor version error happens when you compile your projects on higher version of java(e.g. jdk 1.8) and then run it on a lower version (e.g. jdk 1.7). Depending on your situation, you have two ways to resolve this error: compile your code for an earlier version of Java, or run your code on a newer Java version. Sometimes you may have more than one version of Java SDK installed in your machine. Make sure the application you are running is pointing to the right or highest version available . It is better you need to install both JRE/JDK with the same version.