Error updating repeating obs in platform 2.4

When updating an existing encounter with repeating Obs to add more groupMembers I get this error.

    "message": "Editing the fields [groupMembers] on Obs is not allowed",
    "suppressed": [],
    "localizedMessage": "Editing the fields [groupMembers] on Obs is not allowed" 

However this does not happen during first creation of the encounter but only when I do an update. Here is the full error log and server response

Openmrs platform 2.4.0.
Rest Web Services 2.29.0

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@dkayiwa @ibacher @burke was this an intentional validation restriction added in 2.4? (Not allowing additional group members to an existing obs group without voided and recreating?) Seems like there could be a fair amount of backwards compatibility issues. Or should REST web services be handling the voiding and recreated behind-the-scenes?

Take care, Mark

Definitely not intentionally added in 2.4, unless some other change made code trigger that wasn’t triggering before? The validation raising this error seems to have been added in TRUNK-50, so it’s been the case for platform 2.0 on.

That probably makes sense.

We’ve been using the feature with platform 2.1.2 and it has been working fine hence maybe it could be an issue with the web rest module

I’ll try test this out with lower versions of web rest module to confirm if the error re-occurs