Error starting Module - FHIR2


We have been facing this issue when setting up a distro based on platform-2.4.0 and fhir2-1.2+

The error:

@ibacher - Kindly assist. Team ICAP EthiOHRI are deploying a new demo server and will be deploying distros in Ethiopia and are currently facing this issue. If we could handle this and have it fixed in 1.4+


cc: @mamo @grace @eudson

Thanks so much Amos for bringing this to attention.

cc @corneliouzbett

@alaboso i would not expect this error to happen on a brand new instance. Can you ensure that you do not have any local changes to that module?

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Yes - we do not have any local changes.

We downloaded platform-2.4.0

We downloaded fhir2-13.0

I have previously encountered this error on three separate installations, the workaround has been to delete the two change logs and restart the module. It works, but our colleagues from @ICAPEthiopia - @mamo, @drw2135 and @tsegayea ran into this issue while doing a new install for EthiOHRI.

I finally managed to reproduce this. I was running openmrs platform 2.4.0 core which did not have any bundled modules. When i tried platform 2.4.0 with the bundled fhir2 version 1.1.0, i reproduced the error when i removed this version of the module and replaced it with the latest release of fhir2

I have just made a commit at: Fix liquibase validation errors from 1.1.0 · openmrs/openmrs-module-fhir2@9c1bc9e · GitHub

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