error starting appointment module

hello everyone , i loaded the appointment module to my OpenMRS but there was a problem appeared when i was starting the module the problem said that thee is a problem in sql statement but i don’t know how can i solve it and there is a screenshot for my problem

@wesamabdelsadek, which version of the Appointment module is this? Where did you download it from?

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it is 1.0.5 version and i downloaded it from here

@wesamabdelsadek that is a very old module, and it has not been kept up to date with the latest OpenMRS releases.

I suggest that you try the “Appointment Scheduling” module instead:

i uploaded the appointmentscheduling but when i use it , gives me exception this module and any new module that i upload to OpenMRS

Where you able to fix this error? We are facing the same error. :frowning: