Error setting up registration module.

Followed all the instructions for setting up open mrs (for development). It started fine. However, as soon as I installed registrationcore module (along with it’s dependencies), I started getting following error while starting jetty server -

List of dependencies installed :-

  • event - 2.8.0
  • idgen - 4.6.0
  • legacyui - 1.7.0
  • registrationcore - 1.10.0
  • - 2.29.0

Could anyone please help me with the issue. I am on Java 8.

Which versions of those modules are you running?

@dkayiwa Edited the question with versions used. Just cloned and build respective repos.

@dkayiwa The issue is with idgen module

Could you please help me sort that out

Committed here

So update and compile again.

@dkayiwa Updated idgen as well as registration core. Still getting exception. Please find below the link to it


@dkayiwa Hey did you get a chance to look into this. As I see the code there are more references to local in the ref tag.