Error setting up OpenMRS server

Successful setup of OpenMRS server occurred. But on running server these errors occurred. Could anyone please help me with it

To make life simple for you , follow the prompts step by step without providing an entire string.

Is server 2 the name of the sdk instance you have just created? If you are not sure kindly just run mvn openmrs-sdk:run and it will list all the servers available and you will select the one you desire to run.

@sainath57 The mvn error message may not be so descriptive but I have realised usually spaces/omissions can also cause that error. mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=server2 should be the command to be run.

This worked ! Thanks @jwnasambu ! The documentation has this typo in it. Where can I report issues ? Prolly will find a couple or more, let me know where and how to report them so that others can make their lifes easy

Kindly share the link to the document so as I can edit it.

Bug Report

Please check under Run OpenMRS Server section. I might find few more bugs probably. Can you drop the link where to report documentation issues ? Might help !

Thank you !

you are at liberty to create a topic or still share the link to the guide and someone will look at it.

Cool ! So, this “space” bug will not trouble others from now right ? (i mean its fixed right :wink: )