error saving condition

Hi, I logged in as an admin → to the pharmacy → register patient → add condition → then got the error can’t save condition. I tried it with the date of today and date of tomorrow and I got the same error. I changed pharmacy to inpatient ward and got the same error. Any help plz :slight_smile: ?

I think this is a wake up call I have tried several times since the release but it doesn’t work anyone to help fix please?

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@jwnasambu did you create a ticket for it?

sorry, I am new in this. How do I create a ticket?

I am adding this use case for a (patient counseling) pharmacist who is asked about an OTC (over the counter) medication, that is dispensed without the order of a physician. Do we have this use case in the current release of openMRS :slight_smile: ?

@monasaleh you may want to look at

Thanks a lot, I created a ticket at this link:

Great to hear !

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@monasaleh do you still get this error, if you get to your system’s equivalent of this page and set the Default Locale to en

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I was having the same issue as described by @monasaleh but I followed the instructions provided @dkayiwa to change my system settings and set the Default Locale to en and it worked! I had it originally set to en_GB

Btw, i’m using Ref app 2.9 snapshot

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Thanks for the reply. I tried it in the and it worked just fine and successfully saved the new condition. But how can I do the locale in the downloaded reference application because it still does not save the condition?

I have (referenceapplication-standalone-2.8.0). How do I change the system settings? I am on ubuntu :slight_smile:

I thank you all. I have just read this topic:Unable to add new conditon and adjusted the locale. Thank you for your effort :slight_smile:

@monasaleh which system settings are you talking about ?

at this link: http://localhost:8081/openmrs-standalone/admin/maintenance/settings.list :slight_smile:

it is on your host , i cannot access it .

maybe you can try to type the path of the url in your standalone reference application. :slight_smile:

@monasaleh am running enterprise ,i don’t have standalone.

aha, I see. I do not know much about the enterprise edition