error running a module

please refer images attached also

while running the OpenHMIS Inventory Module then this error is thrown :

Error while trying to start module Module OpenHMIS Inventory Module cannot be started because it requires the following module(s): jasperreport 1.5.6 Please install and start these modules first.

but after adding the same required module this error is thrown :

Error while trying to start module Unable to load/find moduleActivator: ‘org.openmrs.module.jasperreport.JasperReportActivator’ Module: Jasper Reports Module

what should I DO?

@ankush, can you start all the modules by pressing the “start all” button. Could be there are other modules that Jasper Reports Module depends on that are not started as well.

i have already done this approach and even i have restarted the mySQL and tomcat server. then also it is giving same error. There is a deadlock between 2 modules.

Could you give some details of the openmrs version/distribution your instance is using. You may also need to past the log in the terminal at and drop the link here.

currenlty we are using the latest code from the github masterbranch . this is the link from where we took the checkout in ecllipse

Have you gotten chance to look at the stand alone version ?

And just to confirm it’s not a problem of OpenMRS versions that’s causing the problem, you may want make sure all the modules that OpenHMIS Inventory Module depends on are install. You will need to find out these modules (with org.opnmrs.module as groupId and scope provided) from

You will have to install them via the Manage Modules page.

Hello @ankush - I am from the team that has developed the OpenHMIS modules. I’m sorry that you’re having issues getting them running! My guess is that you’re running into issues because you’re running on the master branch version of OpenMRS. Can you try with the current released version of OpenMRS?

Our team monitors this forum and also has an open chat server at but we’re mostly on leave now for the holidays and so responses will be delayed as a result.