ERROR: Please did anyone ever come across this Error? HOW WAS IT RESOLVED


One of our facilities is experiencing a challenge viewing the patient dashboard, instead, an error displays on screen when trying to view a patient after searching. Image is attached. OpenMRS version: 1.8.3 >>> See the error log here:

See the error log here:

Thanks in advance. GG

Does a restart help?

Thanks, @dkayiwa for the swift response.

Unfortunately, yes, we restarted several times yet the error still pops up.

Can you paste the logs at

org.openmrs.api.APIException: Unable to evaluate SQL Flag ARTStartDateTooOld, Error while running sql: select obs_art_com.person_id from obs_art_com
inner join patient on(patient.patient_id=obs_art_com.person_id and patient.voided=0)
where obs_art_com.ART_INIT_DT<'2004-01-01' and patient.patient_id = 38107 . Message: Error writing file '/tmp/MYAuDxmJ' (Errcode: 28)

I think there might be two problems based on your error trace,

  1. You databases might be outdated for this request or misplaced tables (some errors may occur during the OpenMRS installation).
  2. Access denied for your tmp directory.

could please check your writing access to that directory?

@ggomez oh sorry i had not seen the error log in your original post. This looks like you are running out of disk space on the server.

@suthagar23 thank you for the suggestion, is not a new installation site it has been stable for nearly four (4) years now. But I will check and revert back soon.

@dkayiwa you minght be right this could be another reason why the error appears too. I will get back to you on this. thank you Dan.

Thank you @suthagar23 and @dkayiwa

This is resolved, it appears that there was two reason that causes this error:

(1) The server was running out of space and due to that low disk space, it affected the app from operating at its full capacity. I cleared and free up disk space, it resumes well.

(2) Patient Flag Module, the module fails to run due to the fact that either the multiple queries inserted which I think causes the search controller to slow down transactions or outdated version of the module.

I will retract to check and provide a full detail investigation report. I will be posting the new server logs at Pastebin.

Thanks @ggomez

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