Error patient dashboard

Hi all.

Im newbie at OpenMRS, i just installed it and when im trying to create a visit via patient dashboard it does not work at all. i get the following error at tomcat

Thanks in advance.

Which version of OpenMRS are you using?

What version of OpenMRS, Java and tomcat are you running?

Im using OpenMRS Platform 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.0, and legacyui-1.1-SNAPSHOT Tomcat 8 and jdk1.8

Can you try with tomcat 7?

i tried at tomcat 7 and it does not work

any advices

Am seeing a nullpointerexception which makes me think the modules were not properly installed, i would advice to revert everything and make a fresh install and see whether the exception arises again. i hope it helps

@yfuentesg this was a bug in the legacyui module. I have just committed a fix. Pull these changes into your module, compile it, and test again.

Thank you a lot, it worked just fine.