Error: "orders.orderer column is required as of version 1.10"

There is now a different issue that just arose after that. Here is the error message

There was an error while updating the database to the latest. file: liquibase-update-to-latest.xml. Error: Migration failed for change set liquibase-update-to-latest.xml::20140635-TRUNK-4283::dszafranek, wyclif: Reason: liquibase-update-to-latest.xml : orders.orderer column is required as of version 1.10, for more details on how to fix this see Prepare for Upgrading From a Pre-1.10 to 1.10 or Later Version - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki : Caused By: Preconditions Failed Error while trying to update to the latest database version

So i followed the link that appears in the error message, I thought the error will be at the level of unknown provider that has to be created in case there exist orders with no orderers as is the case with this my database.

So my question is if that is the main cause of the faillure how do I set the global property “provider.unknownProviderUuid” to the uuid of this provider and also setting the value of to Unknown Provider because looking at the database there seems to be alot of dependencies between the provider table columns and those of the order table ?

Do I have to do these modifications from the web Interface of version 1.9.7 or do i have to edit from the DB directly ?

You can set the global property value from the UI before upgrading

Ok @wyclif.

@wyclif, Please which link do i have to follow on the UI for me to reach the place where i have to set global property .

I am assuming you are using the legacy UI, go to Administration, under Maintenance select Settings, then from the left panel click Provider and then you should be able to see the ‘Unknown Provider Uuid’ global property on the right

@wyclif, Thanks, it helped !!!