Error OpenMRS Build

  1. Download and install java version JDK8

  2. Download Mysql version mysql 5.6.14

  3. Click on git

  4. Click on projects from git

  5. Click on URL

  6. Go to “makes sure you logged in”

  7. The copy the Clone URL

  8. Return to Eclipse and paste the URL, click next until cloning starts

  9. Click cancel when session complete

  10. Right click on the project section

  11. Click import

  12. Click Maven

  13. Click Existing Maven Projects

  14. Browse for the git folder

  15. Select the openmrs-core folder then click next

  16. Right click on the openmrs file in the project

  17. Click on run as Maven Build

  18. In the name section type “openmrs-core clean test install”

  19. In the goal section type" clean install"

  20. Click run

After getting Error

Hello @govindsharma Did you confirm that you have java installed and running, The issue is with java from openmrs 2.x the build uses java 8 so open up your command prompt and then run java -version lets see the version that is currently installed.


Every thing Looks ok with java version.

can you do the build without using eclipse like just the command prompt navigate to the openmrs-core directory then do mvn clean install if you have maven install.