Error on programenrollment atomfeed event

I am trying to make the suggested changes on openmrs so that I will be able to get all program enrollment related events in the event_records table of the atomfeed.

So far I have:

  1. set atomfeed.publish.eventsForPatientProgramStateChange to true
  2. atomfeed.event.urlPatternForProgramStateChange to /openmrs/ws/rest/v1/programenrollment/{uuid}?v=full which is the default value

Once I am trying to enroll a patient in a program (e.g. HIV) I get the event on the event_records table but once I visit the link I am not able to get the details of it for example I can do with bahmniencounter

This is the error I am getting:



Am I missing some changes or there might be an error with my own instance?

Which version of Bahmni are you using?

@gsluthra I am using v0.93

I was able to reproduce the issue on Demo server. Same exception… for program enrollment. Does this user have 2 enrollments (one done in the past and one just now)? Still… the UUID for enrollment should be unique.

Exception is being thrown on this line of code:

On demo server today:

Will need to raise a bug in JIRA, for further investigation. This issue might already be fixed in latest version of OpenMRS… but need to investigate further.

@gsluthra thank you. I was about to present this on yesterday’s PAT call but couldn’t participate. I would be happy if I would be informed if this is the case with the latest OpenMRS version.

I have raised a JIRA ticket in the Community board here: Log in with Atlassian account