Error making a cross ajax to a Fhir Person resource using Oauth Token Access

Help to make ajax CORS call to a Person resource of FHIR using the access token of Oauth2, with the following example:

Can you help me? Thank you @mavrk, @dkayiwa

What we already have running ok with crossed calls is the obener access token as follows:

Generates these two calls:

Hi @jose007 you can add CORS support to the module using

I’m occupied with some family responsibilities, I’ll look into your issue in detail by tomorrow :smiley:

@jose007 you can just do it directly in tomcat, see

You would make the changes in $CATALINA_BASE/conf/web.xml

Thanks, I’m using Jetty, since I’m in development.

It is configured as detailed it, in the part of OPTIONALLY:±+add+support+for+CORS

but throw the errors inicially named.

Jetty has a similar feature, see

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