Error Invalid Username Or Password

On the Login page when I enter username & password its shows - “Error Invalid username and password”.

@shashwat803 Which project are you referring too ?

I just cloned the frontend project on my computer and started it then the login page opened then I entered login credentials which I took from Frontend Project documentation.

Is that username: admin2 and password Admin123?

@jwnasambu yes

@shashwat803 I have been bullied several time with those credential till I had to change to username admin password admin123

@bistenes and @ibacher Kindly I always have to get things working that is why I always change my username to admin instead of admin2 just incase the login fails on 3 attempts and it works pretty well.

@jwnasambu it’s not working for me

@jwnasambu I want to contribute as a Frontend Developer and I am Bachelors of Computer Application Student So that’s why I am asking for help, please help me .

@shashwat803 Kindly don’t feel sorry! We are here to help each other. By the way, am also a learner trying to take my career to a greater high. So feel free to ask and you will be helped.

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@samuel34 Kindly come to our rescue please!

@jwnasambu Thank you for your help and support, It’s a great talk to you hope I will get a chance to be a part of the frontend project.

Kindly join the squad on this slack channel #openmrs3 and just incase you need help use this channel #openmrs3-helpme

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Hey, how do i get an invite to the openmrs slack workspace

Kindly I have send an invite to you.

Thank you Juliet.

Hey Juliet, which one is my openmrsID, Is it my username.

Nop! your openmrsId is masete

Thank you very much