Error in uploading dicom to Bahmni PACS dcm4chee via dcmsnd

Hi ,

I am trying to test the pacs-integration,dcm4chee. I installed both of them using bahmni -i local --only pacs-integration,dcm4chee and have made all the necessary configs related to concepts(openmrs DB) and modality,order type(bahmni_pacs DB) and jmx-console changes for orm2dcm_bahmni.xsl stylesheet to sync Radiology orders from EMR.

My radiology is order now is getting synced to Modality worklist in dcm4che fine.

Now I want to supply it a dicom image in order to fulfil this order. I found we can upload it via dcmsnd toolkit provided on wiki so I downloaded it and on executing the command dcmsnd DCM4CHEE@ipaddress:11112 image.dcm its giving error dcmsnd error.txt (3.5 KB)

I have checked all the required services such as pacs-integration,dcm4chee running up fine.

I am not able to understand the attached error. Please help

I found the cause of error after some research that its due to size limit set on dcm4chee side. I tried uploading a 350KB dicom and it worked perfectly.Which in case of sample image.dcm provided on bahmni dcm4chee wiki is of 11MB size.
Wiki link :

Now I want to ask that-
1.)How can I change/set this size limitation for dicom image upload on dcm4chee.
2.) How to associate the uploaded dicom to a particular radiology order queued in Modality Worklist, so that it can be viewed back in Bhamni EMR. Is it to do something with the accession number.

Please HELP.

Please help @angshuonline , problem still unresolved.

Hi @angshuonline ,

I have found a way for solution of (2.) that is by manually modifying the patient ID and accession number for the uploaded dicom file on dcm4chee corresponding to order placed from bahmni which I am able to view under Modality worklist items.

But still I am facing following issues which are:

1.) I am not able to view uploaded dicom image neither in DCM4CHE nor in OVIYAM2, when I click the show image button in DCM4CHEE beside corresponding uploaded dicom:

Also server.log.txt (155.2 KB) highlights some errors related to dcm4chee-wado-service.xml which I am not able to understand.

2.) I am still not able to upload the image.dcm which is provided on Bahmni Pacs integration wiki using dcmsnd, for which the issue I think is its size [11.1MB], so please tell how can we upload it, because when I am trying using sample dicom [under 1MB size] they are getting uploaded easily using dcmsnd.


Have you checked the WIKI for details on uploading DCM file corresponding to an accession?

If not, check it here - follow the steps marked in " Uploading DICOM File directly to DCM4CHEE" section of the same page. I tried it last week …

Also, I think there is some issue with latest Chrome, which is currently being investigated. but on Safari, I was able to see the uploaded image.

Yes, I am trying to follow this wiki as well. I am trying to build Pacs_Simulator using but getting this error which is related to unresolvable host of

Can you please share the build SNAPSHOT jar file or the complete builded zipped folder for the same which has been already successfully build by you.

Hmm … the dcm4che maven repo seems not to be available all of a sudden. I will have to work it out by building this locally. If you want I can pass you the pixelmed jar over slack or so. ping me on Bahmni Slack

Hi I have pinged you in DM for slack invite request in bahmni community.Thanks