Error in uploading dicom to Bahmni PACS dcm4chee via dcmsnd

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Hi ,

I am trying to test the pacs-integration,dcm4chee. I installed both of them using bahmni -i local --only pacs-integration,dcm4chee and have made all the necessary configs related to concepts(openmrs DB) and modality,order type(bahmni_pacs DB) and jmx-console changes for orm2dcm_bahmni.xsl stylesheet to sync Radiology orders from EMR.

My radiology is order now is getting synced to Modality worklist in dcm4che fine.

Now I want to supply it a dicom image in order to fulfil this order. I found we can upload it via dcmsnd toolkit provided on wiki so I downloaded it and on executing the command dcmsnd DCM4CHEE@ipaddress:11112 image.dcm its giving error dcmsnd error.txt (3.5 KB)

I have checked all the required services such as pacs-integration,dcm4chee running up fine.

I am not able to understand the attached error. Please help

I found the cause of error after some research that its due to size limit set on dcm4chee side. I tried uploading a 350KB dicom and it worked perfectly.Which in case of sample image.dcm provided on bahmni dcm4chee wiki is of 11MB size.
Wiki link :

Now I want to ask that-
1.)How can I change/set this size limitation for dicom image upload on dcm4chee.
2.) How to associate the uploaded dicom to a particular radiology order queued in Modality Worklist, so that it can be viewed back in Bhamni EMR. Is it to do something with the accession number.

Please HELP.