error in uploading address-hierarchy

Hello guys, please help. I have this error several times. I uploaded the file address-hierarchy.cvs in the demo. it went through fine. But when I uploaded in my system it gave the error below. I would like to know how to go around this error and also how to upload my file successfully.

Please kindly give the details of the OpenMRS module and Refapp versions and the error log at to make troubleshooting easy

Thank you for replying

this is what i get when I uploaded in the demo but when I upload in my system I get this error

The file I had uploaded was like this


1.Where did you get the csv file from

2.Are you sure all the data was correctly written into the database?

@tendomart I wrote everything using excel then i converted the file to .csv. address-hierarchy.csv (2.9 KB)

this is a full copy.

This may happen because during upload of the module,some data was lost ,that’s why your log is saying " no row with a given identifier exists".

Also try running this command in your mysql client

{ SHOW VARIABLES like ‘max_allowed_packet’ } and see the output

sorry i am not good with this, all I know is to use the terminal. Is it the same thing as mysql client?

@tendomart sorry i am not good with this, all I know is to use the terminal. Is it the same thing as mysql client?

if you know how to use terminal then the mysql client is accessible with

mysql -p -u root as long as mysql is installed

But anyways @tendomart you did not specify the OpenMRS version (Refapp and module you are using in the first place)

I looks like I can’t login in. Not sure why

@tendomart I am using the v.90

@tendomart Which password did you use while configuring your mysql?It should work correctly. No one knows it but you,Try giving all details please

@tendomart I don’t think i set up the password . The only password I set up was for root. Is it too late at this point to set it up? unless there is a default password for it.

Use that password

That is what i used multiple times it is not going through. I am not sure either what is wrong

Try leaving the password field blank

I tried that too, nope it is not letting me through.

@ezechiel am afraid you may have to re-install mysql,if you have not backed up your data,you may lose it…I know no other option passwords should be jeolously and carefully kept.