Error in swagger API documentation

In Bahmni demo server as well as in OpenMRS demo pages, the swagger API documentation error exists. We worked on resolving it and took several links as reference and also the OpenMRS documentation.

We were finally able to resolve the errors, except for the emrapi module (Steps are discussed in detail here)

We are not sure about where to raise the PR. Can someone help out with this?

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Great work done. The Web Services Module is responsible for Implementing the REST API for the OpenMRS Core and also generating the Swagger Document.

But some modules that come with their own data model objects other than the Core model Objects ,can implement their own REST APIs and generate their own swagger documents.

So ideally , The PRs would go to the Web Services Module and any other module that generates its own swagger document.

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So as I already mentioned in that comment, the changes we made were outside module say bedmanagement, operationtheater to name a few. So from your answer I understand that I should raise a PR to those respective modules. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks in advance!

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Yes exactly.

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