Error in Consulation page

Hello Bahmni Team, Thanks for the excellent system.

I have just installed it a couple of days ago. Installation was a breeze.

However, after registering a test patient, when I go to the Clinical Screen for the patient, I get the following error:

TypeError: results[0].data.results[0] is undefined

Then when I go to the Consultation screen from the Clinical screen, I get the following error:

TypeError:[0] is undefined

I am unable to add Observation Form. I have attached the screenshot of the 2nd error.

Can some expert please help me solve this problem?

Hmm, have you rebuilt your search index?

Go to https:///openmrs => administration => search index => click “rebuild search index”.

Excellent sir. Thank you so much.

And Thanks a lot for Bahmni.

I am involved with a non profit health centre in a slum in Delhi and Bahmni will be very helpful here.

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