Error importing concepts

While importing from the open concept lab module in openmrs i’m getting these errors. The concepts I created manually synced across without a problem however, those that i imported from ciel are the ones’ creating this issues, although some synced across others didn’t. In the screenshot the error relating to the ciel concept code 159943 gives me an error. I am not sure as to what is the cause for this error.

Can you share the output of these two commands?

The first one: show variables like "collation_database";

And the second one: show table status;

I’ll let @dkayiwa reply, but CIEL is a UTF8 database not latin1

@opensolutions can you share more of the second table?

Can you change your database and table collation to? utf8mb4_general_ci

We changed the database and table collation to?`utf8mb4_general_ci and it still gives us an error. Also we are getting another error while trying to open the patient file from the clinical


Can we look at the new output of the previous two commands?

Can you also share the new detailed log after trying to import again?

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