Error "Id to load is required when i click on clinical or programs"

Hi, please need your help i have an error when i click on clinical or programs, this error below appears. Any idea on how to solve, please need help. @gsluthra can you help

Thank You

@binduak @sivareddy @deepthi Any idea about this issue?

Hello @jess we might need more details to help with the issue. Please share the below details

  1. What is Bahmni version you are on ?
  2. Have you made any changes in the env ? global properties ?
  3. Please share the API URL which is failing by inspecting the chrome browser page, from the network tab

@binduak yes i made yesterday some changes in the clinical config specially the extension.json bahmni version 0.93

Hello @jess could please share the details of the changes made in clinic config that would help us understand the issue.

@deepthi i made a lot of changes and now it is a bit difficult to get back to the initial setting when it was working( i removed all the new setting made still getting the same error). so i think the best thing is to restore the backup. Thank you all