Error fsevents when runing npm in Ubuntu

Hi all, I am trying to set the dev environment in Ubuntu 16 but when I execute npm install inside openmrs-module-bahmniapps/ui to build the Bahmni ERM UI I am getting the following error:

Is trying to set the fsevents when this is an optional package for Linux distributions and just needed for Mac OS. Is expected to trow a warning but let the installation continue. And is stopping in this step. I am using: node 4.2.6 and npm 3.10.9.

Finally I solve the problem. There is an issue with some versions of npm that have this error. The proposed solution is to downgrade npm to 3.10.7 or upgrade to 4. For more reference this is the link about the issue:

For what it’s worth, we’ve been having problems getting the bahmniapps build to run on Ubuntu 16.04, and have seen that error, along with others. Sounds like you found your way around it, but we ended up setting up a docker container to run the build in to have control over the run environment. You might be interested in the discussion here:

Take care, Mark

Thanks @mogoodrich for the recomendation. For now, the error I had was just for npm and with that change everything seem working fine. But, your solution might be better. I am going to take a look!

– Carla