Error during MSR Core build within GitHub


since yesterday on open-mrs core the automatic build of my PR and also the others that were created after mine do not work as 2 test cases are failing:

Error: Failures:

796Error: UserServiceTest.getAllUsers_shouldNotContainsAnyDuplicateUsers:680 expected: <11> but was: <12>

797Error: ConceptValidatorTest.validate_shouldPassIfDifferentConceptsHaveTheSameShortNames:468 expected: <1> but was: <0

However, none of the tested functions was changed by my PR and it as well seems to work locally on my machine. Affected PR’s are:

Can someone perhaps have a look and fix it in case it is an error

well your pull requests never break with CI,they are fine,could you try to work on some of the comments i left on your pull requests?

@herbert24 I removed 95% of the unwanted changes in terms of spaces. The others are on my list. However, the code changes could be reviewed now.

So do I understand you right, that the build errors thar are shown are not due to my code and I can ignore them?

yes you can

I am done. All unwanted changes are removed